A tortoise can run at a speed of 20 cm/s and a hare can run exactly 20 times as fast. In a race, they both start at the same time but the hare stops to rest for 2.00 mins. The tortoise wins by 20.0 cm.

How long does the race take?
What is the length of the race?

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  1. The time of the race is the same for both. The distance run by the hare is 20cm less than that of the tortoise. The hare also runs 2min less than the tortoise. Measuring things in cm and sec,

    Tortoise: d = 20t
    Hare: (d-20) = 400(t-120)

    20t-20 = 400t - 48000
    47980 = 380t
    t = 126.263 sec (time of race)

    Checking our answer,
    tortoise ran 2525 cm (length of race)
    hare ran 2505 cm and lost

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