circle the name of the greastest place-value position in which 5,398 and 5,379 are different.
is it ones, tens, hundreds, or thousands?

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  1. thous - hundreds - tens - ones
    5 3 9 8

    5 3 7 9

    Thousands and hundreds are the same, so you can eliminate 1/2 of the numbers. Now, take a look at the ones and tens columns. . .

    What are the largest numbers? (9's)

    Which 9 holds the largest place value? i.e. 9 of 10s? OR 9 of 1s?

    Confirm?? 9 of 10s = 90; 9 of 1's = 9

    Did you confirm? That should give you your answer and how you got there! JJ

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