Q1) Paul brought a car last year.
It has lost 12½% of its value since then.
It is now valued at £10,500
How much did Paul pay for his car?

-[I got £11812.50... Is that right?~xD]

Q2) A newspaper report stated: "Concorde has flown 7.1x10^7 miles.
This is equivalent to 300 journeys from the earth to the moon.
Calculate the distance from the earth to the moon.
Give you answer to 2sig figs~

Q3) Solve algebraically the equation:

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  1. no to #1
    let the original cost be x
    it lost 12.5% , so 87.5% of its value is left

    .875x = 10500
    x = 12000

    Is the "journey" to the moon and back, or just one way.
    I will assume a return flight.
    so distance to the moon = 7.1x10^7 / 600
    = appr 118333 miles

    Somehow I think you meant
    tan40° = 2sin(x+1)
    sin(x+1) = .41955
    x+1 = 24.806 or x+1 = 155.194
    x = 23.806° or 154.194°

    If tan40 is tan 40 radians, switch your calculator to rad when finding the inverse sine.

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