What are 2 reasons why some geographers today believe Thomas Malthus' theory cannot be used to predict future population issues? Explain.
What are 2 reason why some geographers today belies Thomas Malthus' theory can be use to predict future population issues? Explain.

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asked by Charlotte
  1. Malthus believed that the earth can only support a certain number of people.

    Technological advances in fertilizers and other agricultural practices are used to produce far more food than in Malthus's time. At this time, distribution of the food is a far bigger problem than growing it.

    It makes sense that even with technology, the natural resources of the earth can only sustain a certain number of people.

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    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. As population goes up food levels are being consumed too fast and so the food level will go down

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    posted by Hannah

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