Two children are playing on two trampolines. The first child can bounce 1.6 times higher than the second child. The initial speed up of the second child is 5.2 m/s.
(a) Find the maximum height the second child reaches.
(b) What is the initial speed of the first child?
(c) How long was the first child in the air?

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  1. Yo= 0m
    Child A:
    Voa= ?
    Ya= 1.6h
    Ta= ?
    Child B:
    Vob= 5.2 m/s
    Yb= h
    a) Vob^2 = 2AYb
    Yb= Vob/2A
    h= (5.2 m/s)^2/(2(9.8m/s^2))
    h= 1.37m

    b) Voa=?
    Voa= sqrt(2AYa)
    Voa= sqrt(2(9.8m/s^2)(1.6(1.37)))
    Voa= 6.55m/s

    c) sorry but i can't figure out how to do c

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