English check please help me out

My answers:
1. Venture
2. Calamity
3. Rehabilitate
4. Persevere
5. Conventional
6. Flagrant
7. Ponder
8. Comprehensive
9. Fluctuate
10. Turmoil

1-2 The time my cousin (e)d skydiving, the result was a ___. Her parachute didn't open, and she was injured so badly in the fall that she almost died.
3-4 A drug treatment can ___ most addicts. Among the failures are addicts who don't ___ with the treatment and leave the center early.
5-6 When he drives alone, Marshall's behavior is very ___; he obeys all the traffic rules. But when his friends are with him, he shows off with ___ violations of the speed limit.
7-8 "We need to __all we might do to help families in trouble," said the social worker to her staff. "We must plan a ___program, not just a narrow plan dealing with only part of their lives."
9-10 The boss's moods and orders ___ so widely at times that they throw the department into __. As a result of his arbitrary behavior, our productivity is at an all-time low.

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  1. 3 - 10 are fine.

    Please repost 1-2 with the correct words and endings typed in. It doesn't make sense to me as it is.

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  2. It took many months of therapy to _____ my aunt after she lost her sight, but now she can get around her home and neighborhood on her own.

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  3. English check please help me out "Accident and Recovery.

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  4. Is this correct?? What grade did you get this hw is due today for me plz help

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  5. Is this correct I’m trying to see if I got them right

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  6. Is this right I’m trying to see if my answer are correct

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  7. This is so incorrect 3 doesn't even make any sense

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