Thank you very much. Could you please check these other sentences? (word choice, reporting verbs)

1) European law says that animal testing cannot be used for beauty and cleaning products. Those who support animal testing say that it is a necessary evil since it helps scientists to develop vaccines as well as new surgical techniques.
2) When he turned to eighteen years old, he discovered to have superpowers.
3) I went to the seaside (and not to the sea) for my holiday(s).
4) The clock landed on (or onto?) the roof of the car.
5) She instructed me not to write on the foolscap paper. (Is "intruct" followed by the infinitive?
6) She forbade me to leave (When is forbid followed by the gerund?
7) You can leave five minutes before the end of the film, she said. She allowed me to leave ......
8) She spurred me to try the exam again the next time.

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  1. 1. says/states/requires

    2. When he turned eighteen years old, he discovered he had superpowers.

    3. OK

    4. "on" (not "onto")

    5. OK (yes, it is)

    6. http://www.grammaring.com/to-infinitive-or-gerund-advise-allow-permit-forbid-recommend-require <<best explanation

    7. "You can leave five minutes before the end of the film," she said. (<< direct speech needs quotation marks)

    8. delete "the next time" - it's redundant.

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