Can you please check the grammar in the following sentences? They are all about summer holidays.

1) During my summer holiday I got some work experience as a waitress in a guesthouse in the mountains. I just had to serve food at meals.
2) I worked full time for a month and I got very well paid. My weekly pay (wage) was (amounted to?) 600 Euro.
3) I used part of the (earned) money to travel to Germany.
My friends and I took turns to drive and we stopped (how can you express the fact that you didn't drive directly from Italy to Germany) three times, in Munchen, Berlin and Hamburg.
4) Though the journey was tiring, I had fun and time passed by very quickly.
When I was on holiday, I helped my father in his work (job)or with his work.

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asked by Henry2
  1. 1. comma needed

    2. comma needed; variations are fine.

    3. delete (earned); "took turns driving," [<~~include the comma]; "stopped" is fine

    4. comma needed; "I helped my father at his job."

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