the poem "At the Lunch Counter" is by Alden Nowlan. I am having difficulty understanding it. any help would be great.

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  1. http://www.uwo.ca/english/canadianpoetry/cpjrn/vol53/keith.htm

    Apparently, his poetry is not published online.

  2. At the Lunch Counter

    A girl, fifteen perhaps,
    licking her fingertips,
    smoothing splotches
    of butter and salt
    off her blue pants,
    cheek muscles rippling.

    Nathan who is blind
    sidles to the stool beside her.

    They talk, he pompously,
    she making faces
    he can't see,
    telling the boys she isn't serious.

    I'm Barbara, she says,
    blowing her cheeks out,
    wrinkling her forehead,
    Fred Ward's Barbara.
    I have red hair!

    She giggles
    since her hair is brown
    with aluminum
    fishes at the temples.

    But he can't see

    she stiffens and frowns
    wanting us to go away
    so she can be kind.

    ~by Alden Nowlan

    It looks to me as though the girl is showing off in front of her friends. However, she'd really rather be nice to the blind boy.

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