im so confused with all of these okay so it tells me to do this table thing and the titles on the top are
macromolecule,monomers, and function
then it had beneath macro. carbohydrates, protein, lipids, and nucleic acids does anyone know how to explain this to me!

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  1. You haven't told me enough to know exactly how to help you. Try some of the following links on how to set up a table:

    Then I expect you need to find all of each of the titles.

    1. macromolecules =

    2. monomers =

    3. functions =

    Now can you classify the next list of things to go under one of those 3 headings?

    1. macro =

    2. carbohydrates =

    3. protein = (my Browser froze. Let me leave & come back for the rest.


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  2. Part II

    3. protein =

    4. lipid =

    5. nucleic acid =

    May I suggest that in the future you never go home with out understand what to do with an assignment!


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