Pre-Calc-Please check my answer-I think I have it

Could someone please check these-I had tried one last night but it was really wrong so I'm been working-hopefully these are correct.

What are the roots of the equation and answers have to be simplified
2x^2 + 5x-10 =0
2x^2 + 5x-10+10=0+10
2x^2 + 5x = 10
2x^2 + 5x/2 = 10/2
2x^2/2 + 5x/2 = 5
x^2 + 5/2x = 5
(5/2 * 1/2)^2 = 5/4^2
x^2 + 5/2x + (5/4)^2 = 5 + (5/4)^2
(x+5/4)^2 = 105/16
x + 5/4 = +minus sqrt 105/16 = sqrt 3^1 * 5^1*7^1 = sqrt 105/4
x= -5/4 + sqrt105/4 or x= -5/4 - sqrt 105/4 Is this correct and simplified thank you Someone suggested a site that will do it but I want to learn on my own

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  1. In google type:
    quadratic equation online

    When you see list of results click on:
    Free Online Quadratic Equation Solver:Solve by Quadratic Formula

    When page be open in rectangle type:
    2x^2 + 5x = 10

    and click option:
    solve it!

    You wil see solution step-by-step.

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