Please check my work, thank you.

Question 1 – 4: Access the Library of Congress library Catalog. Then, find the information to answer the question.

1. What year was the oldest copy of Ralph Ellison’s Going to the Territory published?

A. 1952

B. 1986

C. 1987

D. 1995

Answer # 1 is B.

2. What is the call number of the oldest copy of Ellison’s Shadow and Act?

A. PS 153.N5 E4 1964

B. PS 153.N5 E4 1995

C. PS 3555.L625 G6 1964

D. PS 3555.L625 E6 1986

Answer # 2 is A.

3. Identify the publisher and the number of pages for Ellison’s 2002 edition of Invisible Man.

A. Gollancz, 439 pp

B. Vintage International, 581 pp

C. Random House, Inc., 439 pp

D. Modern Library, 290 pp

Answer # 3 is C.

4. What are the subject headings for the 2002 edition of Invisible Man?

A. Ellison, Ralph. Invisible man

B. African Americans in literature – Outlines, syllabi, etc.

C. American literature – History and criticism

D. African American men – Fiction

Answer # 4 is D.

5. Geographically, Guam is part of what Continent?

A. North America

B. Australasia

C. Australia

D. South Africa

Answer # 5 is B

6. Who was awarded the Ethics in Government Award in 1995?

A. John McCain

B. Archibald Cox

C. Nelson Mandela

D. Paul Sarbanes

Answer # 6 is B.

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  1. 1. I find only 1985, but since it isn't on your list, I'd guess you're right.

    2. correct

    3. I'd say you're correct, but this source gives a different number of pages: Your LOC source may show it differently.

    4. correct

    5. ??

    6. correct

  2. 5. I'd say Asia, but it's not one of your choices.

  3. Why the question mark on # 5?

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  4. Read my post just above your last one.

  5. I will go with “B” and get back to you when I get back the results.

    Thank you very much.

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  6. Yes, please tell us the answer. I agree with Writeacher that Australasia is not a continent -- and neither is South Africa.

  7. I’m confused. Are you saying that none of the choice is correct?

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  8. Ms. Sue is right. Among your choices, only Australia and North America are continents. South Africa is a nation. Australasia seems to be some geographers' designation of a geographical region.

    Very strange answer choices there!

  9. 5. Geographically, Guam is part of what Continent? Guam is North America, Because its a U.S. Common Wealth State. I would go with North America. :) Even tho it's close very close to Asia.

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