Which of the following statements is not true regarding the goal of financial management?

The goal of maximizing the value per share of existing stock is relevant to all organizations.
A way of aligning management goals to shareholder’s interest is to tie managerial compensation to the market value of the firm’s stock.
For a company considering international operations, the goal will be the same but the company will have to consider the local social, economical and political environment in the decision-making process.
All of the above are true

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  1. The first choice...relevant to ALL organizations. Hmmmm, the financial manager at our Central Texas Girl Scouts does not have that as her goal, I am certain.

    Second: True, that is one way. There are about a thousand other ways.

    Third: Always true

    So, false: I vote for the first as false, the word "all" being what sticks in my craw.

  2. I thank you so much, because thi is really help.

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