this is what i got as a answer i was wondering if it is correct

#1- It's borrowing to much language and just switching a couple of words so its still plagiarizing.

Each of the following exercises shows the original source, and then a student’s sentence and/or citation about that source. Each sentence and each citation has at least one thing wrong with it (most have more than one). Each of the following exercises shows the original source, and then a student’s sentence and/or citation about that source. Correct each of them

Source A: an article entitled “What’s Killing the Aspen?” by Michelle Nijhuis, found in the December 2008 edition of Smithsonian magazine, volume 39, no. 9. The article goes from page 26 to 27, and this paragraph was taken from p. 26.

Original paragraph:

By 2006, close to 150,000 acres of Colorado aspen were dead or damaged, according to aerial surveys. By the following year, the grim phenomenon had a name – “sudden aspen decline,” or SAD – and the devastated acreage had more than doubled, with some 13 percent of the state’s aspen showing declines. In many places, patches of bare and dying treetops are as noticeable as missing teeth, and some sickly areas stretch for miles. Aspen declines are also underway in Wyoming, Utah, and elsewhere in the Rockies. Surveys of two national forests in Arizona showed that from 2000 to 1007, lower-elevation areas lost 90 percent of their aspens.

1. Student’s Sentence:

Two years ago, about 150,000 acres of Colorado aspen had been killed by what scientists deemed “sudden aspen decline,” also known as SAD (Nijhuis 26).

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  1. I agree with you.

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  2. this is the second one i was wondering if i did it correct

    #2- its idea is not correct the information cited isn't the same as in source.

    2. Student’s sentence:

    Aspen are experiencing a massive illness that is spreading through Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah, causing some areas to lose as many as 90% of the aspen population. (Nijhuis, 26).

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