teachers aide in early childhood education program

the most rigidly structured early childhood program disussed in this study unit is ?
(a)head start
(b)the eclectic model
(c)the montessori model

I cannot figure this one out ,i know it is not head start .can someone please help me

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  1. Since we don't have "this study unit," it's hard to tell. Maybe if you define each of these (quote from your study unit), it might help.

    PS -- It's not Montessori.

  2. the eclectic childhood programs are more common than any other type.eclectic simply means using elements derived from a variety of sources.

    the distar is based on the idea that waiting for academic readiness to develop in children isnt a good educational practice,especially for disadvantages students.you'll see that this program is much more structured than the programs models we've already dicussed

    is distar the right answer

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  3. According to these definitions/explanations, yes, it's DISTAR.

  4. D

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