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a mixture of 50g of S & 1x10^2g of Cl2 reacts completely to form S2Cl2 &SCl2. Find the mass of S2Cl2 formed.

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  1. To balance the reaction, figure the moles in 50g S, and the moles in 100gCl2.

    S: 50/32=1.56
    Cl2: 100/71=1.41
    so the mole ratio is 1.56/1.41=1.1 or 11 to 10.
    At this point,
    realizing that more moles of sulfur was consumed than Chlorine, it will not be possible to balance the equation, as the compound with the highest S:Cl2 ratio is S2Cl2, a 1:1 ratio.
    Flawed problem.

    S+Cl2 >> S2Cl2 + SCl2

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