True or false

1. The energy of a collision between atoms or molecules must be greater than the activation energy for bonds to be broken?

2. Decreasing the temperature decreases the kinetic energy of the reactant, and the reaction goes more slowly?

3. two or more atoms must collide, with proper orientation, with energy greater than or equal to the activation energy for a reaction to occur?

4. If the heat of reaction is positive the energy of the product is lowere than the energy of the products is lower than the energy of the reactant and the reaction is exothermic?

5. Increasing the amount of reactants increases the number of collisions, and the reaction goes faster?

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asked by Josh
  1. and what do you think and why? Surely you don't want us to give you the answers.

  2. 1. True
    2. true
    3. true
    4. false
    5. true

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    posted by bob

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