What is the proper in-text citation for this source that has this many authors. Is this correct= In-text(Papalia, Olds, Wendkos, Feldman, Duskin, 2008, p. 34)


Papalia, D.E. Olds, Wendkoss S., Feldman, Duskin R. (2008) A Child's world: Infancy through Adolescence (11th ed) New York Mc Graw-Hill

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asked by Sharon

    Use the left column as the table of contents. Click on In-Text Citations: Author/Authors to see examples of what you need to do.

    You have included all the information that belongs in the reference list (bibliography) at the end of the paper. You don't need all that in in-text citations. Be sure to compare the following:
    In-Text Citations: Author/Authors
    Reference List: Author/Authors

  2. Oh, sorry. I didn't read carefully enough.

    1. What one correction do you need to make in the in-text citation?

    2. What corrections do you need to make in the reference list item?

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