Sentance patterns

I have to match the following sentances to the sentance patterns listed
1.Visiting old mine shafts can be an interesting experience.

2.Remodeling this house has become very expensive.

3.The old village sprawled across the green valley.

4.Academic success requires diligence.

5.We named the baby Margaret.

6.The company sent me their brochure.

Are these answers correct?
1f, 2d, 3b, 4a, 5c, 6e

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asked by Eddie
  1. The only correct pattern is 5 (E).

    Please go back and study your text to learn about these sentence elements.

  2. 1.
    Visiting old mine shafts = subject (gerund phrase)

    can be = linking verb

    experience = predicate noun
    So, yes, "1f" is correct.

    Remodeling this house = subject (gerund phrase)

    has become = linking verb

    expensive = predicate adjective
    So, yes, "2d" is correct.


    Tell us about the rest of your sentences, and one of us will double-check your work.

  3. Writeacher is correct. I'm sorry, but I misread your answers.

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