I forgot to add the following sentence.
Thank you very much.

1) The symbol of the cross can be found in the image of the albatross or in that of the crossbow.
The albatross is greeted by the mariners as a symbol of good omen, as if it had been a Christian soul.
2) It appears through the fog and follows the mariners for nine nights. 3) All of a sudden, for no apparent reason, the ancient mariner decides to kill it with his crossbow.
4) His familiy grew his own food on the land around their house. Therefore, they didn't have much contact with the outside world.
5) From 1846 to 1849 he went to Rugby School in the north of England. This was very difficult time for him since he wasn't very good a sprots and was (??) very unpopular with other students. He was often by himself.
6) He became interested (he grew an interest) in photography and his hobby turned into an obsession.
He got inspiration for his book "Alice in Wonderland" from a girl called Alice Lidell. (pronunciation?).

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asked by Henry2
  1. #5. ... wasn't very good at sports ...

    #6. delete the words in parentheses

    Liddell -- spelling
    Pronounced: li DELL

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