I forgot to add these sentences. Thank you very much.

1) The rise in population caused an increase in the demand for clothes.
As more energy was needed to drive machinery, the steam engine (power?) was introduced (developed?).
2) The introduction of the steam engine enabled Britain to manufacture cloth more cheaply than elsewhere, though it put many people out of work.
3) This led to a shifting of the population from south to north, since it was rich in natural resources.
This brougt to the constructions of small towns to house the workers.
4) As there were no regulations concerning wages, working conditions, and hours of work, workers started to destroy machinery.
5) The worst of these episodes were due to the Luddites, whose name derived from Ned Ludd, the leader of the riots.
6) In order to protect machines and control te mob, the government decided to make machine-breaking punishable by death.

Are these collocations correct?
Increase/rise in, led to/caused, machinery/machines

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asked by Henry2
  1. 3. "brougt" = brought OR This led to the construction of

    5. The worst...was due

    6. "te" = the



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  2. Wow! Talk about using an unusual word!!


    I had to look it up!

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