Why is it wrong to say " a child of six years old" and is possible to say "a six-year-old child"?

Example: My family consists of /is made up of/ is composed of two adults and two children, six years old and ten years old.
But: .... of a six-year-old child and a ten-year-old child?

Can you please recommend me a nice and convenient four-star accommodation in West Yellowstone which lies not too far from the park? Thank you for your help!!

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asked by Henry2
  1. There are several ways to say that, but "of" is used the least. It's not actually incorrect; it's simply awkward (has that extra, unneeded word).

    ... a child of six.

    ... a child who is six years old.

    ... a six-year-old child.

    Or try this ...
    My family is made up of two adults and two children, ages six and ten.


    Can you please recommend me<~~~delete "me" a nice and convenient four-star accommodation in West Yellowstone which lies not too far from the park? Thank you for your help!!

    Hotels marked with C, G, and D seem to be the closest ones to the park's west entrance. All would be interesting to investigate, but I'd focus on those three.

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