1. The rain poured into the river and flooded the nearby community.
-simple sentence

2. Some indefinite pronouns are always plural and require plural verbs. select these pronouns.
A. both, many, several
B. everyone, everybody, any, several
C. somebody, someone, both, most
D. anybody, nobody, many, most


3. ruler

4. scribble?

5. despise

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asked by lizzie
  1. 1 - 3 = correct

    4 = unsure; prefixes and suffixes should have meanings of their own, which expand the meaning of the root word. This is not so with this word.

    5 = correct

  2. Confused? So there is a root word for this word? It actually comes from the word scribe?

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    posted by lizzie
  3. Yes, it comes from "scribe" -- and I suppose your answer in your first post is correct. But I would never list -le as a suffix!

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