I forgot to add the following statements. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

1) What did you like most among the various topics we dealt with during your school year?
2) Are you going to continue your study of English at university?
3) Are you going to continue your studies (at university) (how can you express this: you want to know if someone wants to go to university after high school and which faculty is going to attend)
4) The character's thougts flow freely without any temporal structures (correction: .... freely in time)
5) Introductory expressions are missing.The flow of thoughts are (or is??) not ordered (Correction: the character's flow of thoughts doesn't follow a chronological or a logical formal order).
6)In the second type of interior monologue two levels of narration are present. (and not: are present two levels of narration)
7)I'm the father of a six-year-old child, who likes staying in the open-air. In particular, he is fond of football, mini-golf and horse-riding.
8) I'm therefore looking for a family-friendly hotel accommodation in west Ireland near the main tourist attractions and possibly near a town, where my child can practise his favourite sports.
9) I really hope you can help me find a suitable (?) accommodation.

Thank you.

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  1. Choose the 3 or 4 MAXIMUM that you truly question.

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