The number of computers sold by BCC depends on the dollar amound,x, that they spend on advertising. How much must they spend to sell 200 computers? Round to the nearest dollar and do not include units in your answer.
N(x)=100+20 * In(0.25x)

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  1. N(x) = 100 + 20ln(0.25x) = 200,
    100 + 20ln(0.25x) = 200,
    20ln(0.25x) = 200 - 100 = 100,
    ln(0.25x) = 5,
    0.25x = e^5,
    0.25x = 148.41,
    X = 594.

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  2. Annual profit in thousands of dollars is given by the function, P(x) = 200¡Ì x - 3 + 10,000, where x is the number of items sold in thousands, x ¡Ý 3.

    1.describe the meaning of the number 3 in the formula, in terms of its meaning in relation to the profit.
    2.describe the meaning of the number 10,000 in the formula, in terms of its meaning in relation to the profit.
    3.find the profit for 5 different values of x
    4.will this profit function have a maximum, if so, what is it?
    5.what steps should the company take to prepare for your answer to part 5?

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