I need you to check the question and my answer to it. Shall I include more details in the question?
In sentences 3 and 5 I don't know which connectors to use (to express a contrast between two different concepts). How can't find a suitable verb to finish of my paragraph. Thank you.

1) Explain the meaning of the word compromise applied to the Victorian way of life. (I need to produce a longer a sentence)
2) The word compromise (shall I capitalize it?) was applied to the Victorian way of life since this period combined moral certainties with contradictions and doubts, especially about religion, and the relationship between science and belief.
3) On the one hand (?), the Victorians promoted a code of moral values which found its basis in religious and philosophial movements such as evangelicalism and utilitarianism. This strict moral code was based on personal duty, hard work, respectability, and charity.
4) In particular, respectability was thought as a mixture of hypocrisy and morality. It implied the possession of good manners, the ownership of a comfortable house and regular attendance at church, and charitable activity.
5) On the other hand (??), however, scientific discovery, especially in the field of biology and geology, began to question the belief in a universe which was both stable and transparent to the intellect.
(More specifically, a new view emerged that the universe was incessantly changing and governed by the laws of chance).
6) Moral and religious certainties were shaken by Charles Darwin in his work "On the Origin of Species", in which he argued that man is the result of a process of evolution and that in the fight for life only the strongest species survived.
7) He, therefore, discarded the vision of the Bible, according to which the weakest deserved to be helped (??? I can't find a good verb).

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  1. 1. Put the word compromise in italics when you discuss it as a word. Start your question with "How" and see what you come up with.

    2. Again, put compromise in italics.

    3. "On one hand" (remove "the") ... "values founded on religious and philosophical ... " (Note the spelling of that last word.)

    4. "thought as" is not correct. Here are some alternatives, but all will require rephrasing of the following words: "thought of" or "considered" or "thought to be" -- comma after "house" and delete "and"

    5. Delete either "on the other hand" or "however" -- they mean the same thing and are thus redundant. Use "fields" (plural, since you refer to two of them). Rephrase to have a subject that can actually question something -- that is, a discovery cannot question anything; people do. If you use your alternative, change "incessantly" (which has a negative overtone) to "constantly".

    6. and <~~sp -- Darwin wrote a book, so put the title in italics, not quotation marks.

    7. You should do some more research on Darwin. He was a very religious man and struggled the rest of his life with his conclusions re evolution.
    This is a very well researched article (not always true for Wikipedia). If you need more information, be sure to check on the External links at the bottom of the webpage.

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