Penn Foster

Which would you use to sort through slides for a slide presentation? Camera, Opaque projector, Copy Machine, Light Box
I think it is a camera. I cannot find any material to really answer the question other than it says that slide presentations can use photography skills

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  1. This is teacher assistant course

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  2. This is what I've used.

    However, you may be able to do this with some cameras.

  3. SLides? This question is very aged.

  4. Thanks, the answer was actually a lightbox. Just finished the exam. Thanks everyone.

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  5. You're welcome.

    Bobpursley is right. This question is certainly very old. I last used a light box to arrange slides about 20 years ago. I doubt if any schools even have slide projectors today.

  6. please help me with #02603800 &02604000 i don't have a job.Thanks.

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  7. D0 Light box

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