Read the short conversation,and find out what he or she means.
1.Angel:I know you were really stressed out about your math exam.How'd you do?
John:I can't complain.
What does the man mean?
a.A he doesn't want to tell the woman how he did.
b.He did quite well.
c.The professor doesn't want to hear the complaints about the exam.
d.It's too late to file aprotest with the department.
e.He did badly
2.Angel:How could you get these football game tickets?They were all sold out almost ten days ago.
John:They had a few extra available for the press.I'm covering the game.
What does the man imply?
a.He works for the stadium
b.He had already bought them
c.He works for a newspaper.
d.He is a member of the team.
e.He pressed the ticket office for extra tickets.

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  1. And your thoughts are ... ?

  2. I think 1e and 2e.Is it right?

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  3. #1. The negative (can't in John's reply indicates that he did well on the test -- he cannot complain = he has nothing to complain about. "b" is correct.

    #2. When John says, "I'm covering the game," he means he will write about the game for a newspaper or magazine. He's part of "the press" (reporters, etc.). Which answer do you think fits?

  4. So answer c in#2.Is it right?

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  5. Yes, that's correct.

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