Hi I have a sample question for a math assessment that I wanted to ask about:

What number is expressed by (9 x 6) -s- 3?

a 18

b 27

c 6

d 21

Which of these answers is right and what is "s" suppose to mean?
Is S like some sort of fixed value?

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  1. I do not know what -s- is supposed to mean. You may want to look carefully through the instructions which probably defines what -s- is.

    From the context, it seems that -s- stands for a binary mathematical operator, since it is situated between two numbers, and the result is supposed to be another number.

    One of the operators that gives a result appearing in one of the four choices is the divide operator (÷), which when substituted, gives
    (9*6)÷3 = 18.

    In short, read through the instructions which the answer should lie.

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  2. Thank you...

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  3. You're welcome.
    Do let me know if -s- is defined somewhere in the instructions.

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  4. Hi, no it wasn't. I think the assessment website is buggy because it didn't feel right.

    I have to contact the college and inquire. Thanks anyways as your answer made me see that there is a problem with site.

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  5. In that case, it is very possible that it was a programming related problem.

    It is a generalized question where -s- is supposed to be replaced by an operator, be it +,-,x or ÷ etc.
    In this case, the replacement was not made, which renders the question not comprehensible.

    It would be a good idea to check with your instructor.

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