The launching mechanism of a toy gun consists of a spring of unknown spring constant, as shown in Figure P5.33a. If its spring is compressed a distance of 0.140 m and the gun fired vertically as shown, the gun can launch a 24.0 g projectile to a maximum height of 26.0 m above the starting point of the projectile.
(a) Neglecting all resistive forces, determine the spring constant.
(b) Neglecting all resistive forces, determine the speed of the projectile as it moves through the equilibrium position of the spring (where x = 0).

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  1. energy in spring= change in PE of projectile

    1/2 k (.140)^2=.024*g*26

    solve for k.

    SPeed? 1/2 k (.140)^2=1/2 m v^2

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