Amelia Douglas

I am doing a biography on Amelia Douglas. But I am having a hard time starting it out. I had it as ...Amelia Douglas was born...
But How can I make it more interesting?

A few Points about her
-She was a Metis
-country wife
-Influenced development of British Columbia

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  1. What do you consider the most outstanding fact about Amelia Douglas?

  2. It doesn’t say much about her, but the facts that I consider outstanding about her are that she protected her people really well, wasn’t scared to share her opinion, and she stuck up for what was right and wrong.

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  3. That's a good start.

    Amelia Douglas protected her Metis people and stuck up for what was right. She was an important founder of British Columbia.

  4. It also says that she was one of the founding mothers of British Columbia.
    And she was one of the well known women in fur trade society. She was also very courageous. She saved her husband's live by risking her own.

    how do i put this all as a big opening sentence?

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  5. Thanks so much Ms. Sue =)

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  6. You're very welcome, Emma.

    I hope you enjoy writing this biography. Amelia Douglas sounds like a real heroine.

  7. Thank you Ms. Sue. Yeah I chose her because she seemed really unique and different than most of the other Canadians.

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