Soviet Union-US-Cold War

What's the significance of the relationships of the Soviet Union and the United States to developing countries during the Cold War. How do you think it relates to conditions today?

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  1. Both the U.S. and the Soviet Union tried to get the developing countries on their side. In doing so, the U.S. supported some pretty awful dictators to keep them from joining in alliance with the Soviet Union. It's come back to haunt us many times as the people have started rebelling against these dictators that we supported.

  2. The significance is many young persons went to college in those "parent" countries. Thus, in Africa, and the SE Asia, and Korea, the generation in power now were doctored by the communist, socialist, and corrupt system.

    A study of Egypt, caught in the middle between US/Russia, is worth looking at.

    Momma and Daddy cant fight without the kids choosing sides, and having lasting scars.

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