Still, do-it-yourself renovations is usually a source of pride for new homeowners, no matter how hard or how frustrating.

what correction should be made to this sentence?
1)remove the comma after still
2)change is to are
3) change the spelling of usually to usualy
4)remove the comma after homeowners
5) no correction necessary

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  1. renovations is?

  2. to restore

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  3. Ruth: Think renovations are

    Girls are cute
    a boy is cuter.
    check subject verb agreement...

  4. is 5 right ?

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  5. Ruth, something is wrong here. Have you read my comments? 2 is the answer. YOu need to understand exactly why.

  6. oh I have to start reading things like this out loud I get confused when I read it in my head. Thank you

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  7. What correction should be made

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