Can you please check these sentences, please? Thank you.

1) The bus trip was very boring and I slept during the whole trip (all the trip is wrong) because I was very tired.
2) We moved (better we went) to Grado for lunch (and had lunch there also possible).
3) We "moved" to our hotel for dinner. Can you use the verb "move" in place of "transfer by bus"?
On the next day we went to Postunia caves.
4) We returned to the hotel for dinner.
We had lunch without the teachers and in the afternoon we visited (the) Sabbia rice mill that in 1940s was turned into a Nazi prison.
5) On the last day we went to Redipuglia where we visited a famous monument for war victims.

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  1. 1. comma needed; ignore stuff in parentheses, yes.

    2. use "went," yes; either phrasing re lunch is possible, yes.

    3. use "went" rather than "moved" or "transferred"

    4. 2 commas needed; keep "the"

    5. comma needed

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