lit class

what is the allusion in the passage

from a letter written by a world war I veteran in the mid 1920's

well we are finally getting what we richly deserve. the adjusted compensation act law. Even Calvin Coolidge wouldn't put his john Hancock on the bill congress, did right by us sometimes I think our illustrious president is just to wrapped up in the interest of business to pay much attention to the little guys. remember how he wouldn't talk turkey with Gompers when the cops in Boston went out on strike. of course back then we thought he was just worried about public safety. I'm never to sure what to think of him if he was willing to jabber and jaw once in a while we might get more of an ideal of what he 's all about

a Calvin Coolidge
b john Hancock
c jabber and jaw
d cops

I'm not sure if it's Calvin Coolidge or john Hancock

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asked by mike
  1. John Hancock means signature in this context. He was the first to sign the Declaration of Independence.

  2. So it would be Calvin Coolidge?
    I thought it was john Hancock because heserved as president of the second continental congress and he became a synonym for his signature maybe I'm getting in depth I see what you are saying it just means signature in this passage.

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    posted by mike
  3. Ms. Sue just told you it's John Hancock!!

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