I need to write a mini research paper on a modernist poet of my choice... I'm having trouble deciding on what poet to use and how i can develop a strong thesis.. any help would be much appreciated.

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asked by Tom
  1. First of all, here are a couple of websites that are very good for helping students through research papers (process, etc.):

    Click on Step by Step for the process.

    (Broken Link Removed) (If you are using something other than MLA guidelines, let us know.)

    Now, what era do you consider "modernist"? What years in which country's literature?

  2. 1890-1950 American

    MLA Format

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    posted by Tom
  3. Try these sites:




    Personally, I find these poets the most interesting:

    Langston Hughes
    Carl Sandburg
    W. H. Auden
    William Carlos Williams

  4. Once you have chosen the poet you want to concentrate on, here are some good sites to find their work:

    And Edgar Allan Poe's work is fascinating, too:

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