The carpal ligament was then carefully incised using a push technique.

Identify parts of speech:

carpal = adjective
was = verb
carefully = adjective
push = verb
technique = noun

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asked by Leslie
  1. carpal = adjective yes
    was = verb yes, it's an auxiliary (helping) verb; the whole verb is "was incised"
    carefully = adjective no
    push = verb no
    technique = noun yes

  2. carefully - adverb

    push - noun

    looked up in dictionary

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    posted by Leslie
  3. The word "push" is usually either a noun or a verb -- or it can be something else in technical language depending on how it's used in a sentence. In your sentence, "push" is being used to tell what kind of technique, right? If a word is describing a noun, what is it?

    Yes, "carefully" is an adverb -- it tells HOW the ligament was incised.

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