About Mcdonalds--Good bad?(no sites please)

Identify ways in which Mcdonalds is being socially responsible. To what point, u think Mcdonalds is being genuine in their concern and to what degree u believe this is public relations exercise made to improve Mcdonalds image. Support with evidence.

This is video we watched.
h t t p : / / w w w . aboutmcdonalds . com / mcd / csr / video . h t m l

My answerss:

This is definitely a public relations exercise designed to improve McDonalds image. Mcdonalds does not make healthy food, and that everyone knows. Their food is stuffed with fat, and is greasy. They are not being genuine in the video. This video is just made for business advantages. Mcdonalds corporation wants individuals to believe that Mcdonalds is a healthy place, they show all positive things in the video about Mcdonalds, to get people wanting to go to Mcdonalds. This video is just made to higher the status of Mcdonalds. They want to raise their status. The foods provided at Mcdonalds are not nutritional, they have a lot of calories in every small desert. The food is not made through safety practices.

I want to get all the factors covered, please help.

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asked by Anonymous
  1. Your answer is fine, considering that your question asks for YOUR opinion.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. Okay. I don't like Mcdonalds at all, so I don't see any Pros to it, the only pro that I do see is, that it kind of provides a fun place for the kids to hang in about. Could I know of some more Pros please?(Just asking generally)

    posted by Anonymous
  3. McDonald's is convenient, predictable, and reliable.

    In the 1960s, we sometimes drove several hundred miles from home with our three young children. The only places to eat along the way were unknown small town restaurants. There were few if any chain fast food restaurants. When we stopped at one of these local restaurants, we never knew what kind of food they'd have nor if it was affordable to a young family with limited funds.

    We certainly welcomed McDonald's for trips with children. Years later, when I took 8th graders on field trips, McDonald's was one place we could eat that pleased everyone's taste and budgets.

    Look at the nutritional information posted for McDonald's in their their restaurants and online.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  4. The food they have is good, but it isn't really that healthy. I clicked on the nutritional calculator, and there are more calories than anything else. Especially that one..Shimmer drink. The other good thing I see about it is, that it has good deals, and is cheap, so people can enjoy a good breakfast/meals. Although, Im not sure whether they offer high quality food or not?

    In the video it also says:
    That macdonalds provides lots of flexibility and regional variety to meet customer preferences.
    (I don't get this, and I don't know whether to believe)

    Fun ways to eat fruits and vegetables.
    --I guess this part is true.

    Promoting Physical Activity
    -Do they do things like this?

    Making people a priority
    -My friend works there, and she says this is false. It't not "people" that are a priority to them, its their business I think.

    Becoming an employer of choice.
    -recognized as a great place to work in over 30 countries where we operate.
    (I don't think a lot of people are happy working here.)

    Offering workplace Flexibility and Mobility..

    Theres a lot said in the video which confuses me, and leaves me hanging, I don't know what to believe. What I think is that this video is just made to support the business and try to get the rank up. Could I please hear your opinions Ms. Sue, would just like to know your point of view.

    posted by Anonymous
  5. I don't know what you mean by high quality food.

    The shimmer drink may have a lot of calories -- but what about many of their other foods?

    Regional differences means that it serves different foods in different areas. In Europe, you can get a beer with your burger.

    Employees? My daughter and daughter-in-law worked at McDonalds in high school and college and didn't have any complaints.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  6. So the working environments don't have to be the same in every country. Cause many people at my school work at mcdonalds, and a lot of them complain. They kind of realize the truth on how things are made. Well this leaves me with something to think about.

    posted by Anonymous
  7. The working conditions depend more on the individual managers and franchise holders than the country.

    Good -- I'm glad you have something to think about. :-)

    posted by Ms. Sue

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