Cultural Diversity

Ms. Sue You have way too much time on your hands. Your posts add NO contribution to help students.

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  1. YOU are not a nice person.

    Ms. Sue is very helpful and one of the nicest tutors here.

    I hope that the administrator of this site blocks you from ever posting here again.

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  2. Let me guess. You asked a question that shows you haven't even thought about the assignment. She called you out on it and now you're upset because you didn't do your job and assume it is her fault.

    Don't worry. We're used to lazy students calling us out on calling them out. I'm sure it will be like water off a duck's back. So go ahead and hold a grudge. No worries on our part. :-D

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  3. And that is just one point on cultural diversity: work ethos

    Arbeit macht das Leben suss. Google it.

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