Could you please give me links to where I can find out about Pharmacists. Powerpoints would be good. This is what I need, since Im doing a career Research project on this.

Job duties/Responsibilities
Education/Training Requirements
Demographics (where can you work?)
Approximate Salary
Employment Prospects (job availability in the future)
Lifestyle Factors (hours of work, travel, environmental conditions)
Personal Skills/Attributes Required
Related Occupations

Please give me links to all the sites that contain this information. Thanks a lot.

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    The Occupational Outlook Handbook is one of the very best sources around.

  2. Is there a way I can read it online?

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  3. Of course. Have you searched that site?

  4. Okay. Got it. Thanks a lot:)
    If you know any other good sites, please do post, thanks:D

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  5. The Occupational Outlook Handbook site is by far the best site for all of your information.

  6. Okay. Thanks:)

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  7. Try here as well


    and click on the link to 'about pharmacy'

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    posted by DrRuss

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