English grammar

1. Fill in the blanks with suitable words.
2. Write the conjugation of the following verbs.
3. Change the pattern four sentence into the pattern three sentence by inserting a suitable preposition in each blank.
4. Fill in the blanks with appropriate words.
5. Write down the antonym of each adjective.
Are the directions above all correct and natural? If there are any errors, would you let me know those? I'd like to use correct expressions.

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  1. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum.
    The instructions look fine.

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  2. All sound fine.

    The only thing I'd change is to hyphenate a couple of terms:

    pattern-four sentence
    pattern-three sentence

    That's because you're putting those hyphenated words together to serve as an adjective for the word sentence.


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  3. As they near the finish line, the runners are usually............ by race officials and by banners that ........ the achievement of crossing the finish line.

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  4. How to conjugate empezar and fit it into the sentence La clase ____ a las ocho y media

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