Math median

Please check my answer :)

25,28,22,27,25,20,30,23,27, and 29

Of the above numbers which one is the median ?

I said 26

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  1. if you have an odd number of data values, the median in the middle number after you have arranged them in order.
    If the number of data values is even then the median is the average of the two middle numbers after arranging them in order.

    So you are correct.

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  2. I don't see 26 in the set of numbers. Because you don't have a middle number in the set, median is often taken to be the mean of the two middle numbers, and in this case, the two middle numbers are 25 and 27, and the mean of those is 26. So it boils down to how median is defined for you. Check your notes, or your texts. Texts vary on the definition of median when the set of numbers has no unique median.

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  3. There is a bus with 7 children inside of it
    Each child has 7 rucksacks
    In each rucksack there are 7 big cats
    Every big cat has 7 small cats
    Everything listed above is entirely in the bus
    All objects are unique
    There is no driver
    Every child has 2 legs
    Every cat has 4 legs

    How many legs are in the bus?

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  4. 6,10,10,22,42,45,45

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