I forgot to include these other sentences.Thank you very much.

1) My friend lives in another city. If only he lived here/in the same place as I live. ("If only I lived there" is logically incorrect).
2) I broke a glass and I blame my friend. Since then we are not (why not "have not been") friends any more.
3) I felt sorry for a friend that twisted his ankle. He's going to have problems at his left foot.
4) Are you ever ashamed of yourself? On what occasion? (First you have to say "Yes, I am / No, never. I last felt ashamed when I blamed my friend (better a friend) even if he hadn't done anything wrong. Shouldn't I use the past parfect "hadn't done", instead of "didn't do"?
5) Are you independent? Yes, I am. In fact (?) sometimes my parents aren't at home for their work and so I have to stay at home alone with my brother.
6) I felt sorry for my mum because she has a broken leg (better: she broke her leg, she had a broken leg).
7) She congratulated Mark for/on passing his exam (because he passed/had passed his exam) with the highest mark. (Are all alternatives possible??)
8) He is enthusiastic about his exam result (is it possible?). He is satisfied, delighted, pleased, content WITH (not about) his exam result. But He is happy about/with his exam result. He is cheerful about his exam result.
9) Do you "ever" prepare breakfast by yourself? Is not the same as Do you "always" prepare breakfast by yourself?

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  1. Choose the 4 or 5 you REALLY need help with. Then repost.


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