I forgot to add the following sentences.
I really hope you can have a look at them, too.

1) Rob doesn't want to argue in front of the children. So he asks her to go and have a chat.
2) Storm managed to win the triathlon. Rob lost a lot of time on the bike because he didn't have a map and took the wrong turning.
3) Rob blames himself for not taking his map. He hopes he (?) and Storm will race again next year (the following year). Storm will miss Johnny.
4) A technical support assistant for a computer company once went to a customer's house to fix his printer because it wasn't working. When he got there he realized he had forgotten to turn on the computer.
5) Another assistant had almost finished working on an important poject when his computer screen froze. 6) He clicked on the save icon but nothing happened. Then he started pressing all the keys on his keyboard and all of a sudden the screen went blue.
7) He got so worked up (I need a synonym) that he threw his telephone at the computer and broke the screen of the monitor. He got fired.
8) Don't open e-mails from those you don't know. Once Jill Scott from Dublin opened a message with the title "You are a winner" and an hour later all the data on his hard disk had been deleted.

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  1. 2. "turn" not "turning"

    Commas needed in 4, 6, and 8.

    7. Use "frustrated" instead of "worked up".

    8. Since "Jill" is a woman's name, use "her hard disk" later in the sentence.

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