Thank you for your corrections. I really need to know if the following sentences are possible.

1) Before Jack White formed the White Stripes he had played the guitar in a group called Go.
2) He and his wife Meg developed a distinctive style. They wore only three colours when they performed: red, black and white.
3) Though they weren't successful straightaway, they carried on making music.They carrer took off in 2001 when they went to the UK and released their album White Blood Cells.
4) On 7 April 2003 their album Elephant got to number one in the UK though they had only released it seven days earlier.Two weeks before this Meg had broken her wrist when she slipped on ice.
5) On 10 July 2003 they had to call off a concert because Jack had broken his finger in a car accident.
6) They find the attention difficult (what does it mean??), but their fans hope that they will carry on making great music.

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  1. 1. comma after "Stripes"

    2. comma after "black"

    3. Their career...

    4. comma after "2003" and after "this" in the second sentence

    5. comma after "2003"

    6. "find the attention difficult" - You may have noticed that some people who gain fame after becoming successful musicians, actors, or whatever have a very hard time dealing with the publicity.

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