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What does "almost everything in this isle enjoys immunity to poison" - Bede mean? Does it have something to do with Ireland?

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  1. "Ireland is broader than Britain and has a much healthier and milder climate; for the snow scarcely
    ever lies there above three days: no man makes hay in the summer for winter’s provision, or builds
    stables for his beasts of burden. No reptiles are found there, and no snake can live there; for, though
    snakes are often carried thither out of Britain, as soon as the ship comes near the shore, and the
    scent of the air reaches them, they die. On the contrary, almost all things in the island are efficacious
    against poison. In truth, we have known that when men have been bitten by serpents, the scrapings
    of leaves of books that were brought out of Ireland, being put into water, and given them to drink,
    have immediately absorbed the spreading poison, and assuaged the swelling.
    Bede, p 17

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  2. Yes, he is speaking of Ireland.

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