Please read any if I need to add any commas or delete any, please let me kow where. Thank you!!

Your presentation the Martin Managerial Conference in Chicago was excellent. While you were speaking, the audience was more attentive than they had been at any time during the meeting. The quiet attention given to you by the audience was certainly complementary.
The general consensus among those attending the meeting was at your approach to the problem demonstrated a great deal of imagination and planning. It was obvious that during the planning stage of your presentation you realized that innovative ideas can be really effective only if there implementation is basic upon imagery dissemination. You certainly presented an excellent new approach for the handling of a controversial problem. I commend you on your quite successful presentation.

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  1. "presentation the Martin Managerial " = presentation at...

    Check the difference between complement and compliment

    "only if there implementation i" = only if their...


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  2. Thank you

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