I forgot to include the following sentences.Thank you very much. Sentence number 6 is very long because I included different possible alternatives.

1) I think you should tell Paul's parents that he steals things. You should talk to him before reporting him to the police.
2) I think you should organize a surprise birthday party for your boyfriend and invite all his best friends.
3) I think you should wait till your birthday or Christmas and then ask your parents for money. I think you should get (find yourself?) a part-time job and save the money for you mobile phone.
4) Would you mind if I left 10 minutes earlier today? ( if I stopped working/knocked off also possible?)
Would it be all right with you, if we had lunch out together today rather than tomorrow?
5) I was very proud of myself when I won a (the) regional roller-skating competition in 1998. (when I scored 4 goals one after the other/when I headed the ball in four time during the final football match of the season)
6) I was proud of myself when I got A+ in maths/I passed my driving test/I passed my school leaving exam (?) with top marks, I took my degree with full honors, I got married.
7) I was last ashamed of myself when my teacher caught me cheating/when my mum insulted and beat me in front of my friends.
8) I once blamed my friend for missing the concert (?). She picked me up too late and we were then held up by a traffic jam. We arrived at the concert hall 15 minutes too late.
9)By the time we got there, everyone had already sat down.
I'm still dependent on my parents since I don't earn any money. I'm going to stay with my family until I'm of age. (?)

asked by Mike
  1. OK, choose 4 or 5 that you are not sure of!!

    posted by Writeacher

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