TI 83 Graphing help !!!


I have spent ages trying to work out the way to program my TI-83 calculator to solve the following... I would appreciate guidance or direction to a site that can show me how to solve the following;-

motion of two stage rocket is stated by it height y in metres above the ground since t seconds since launch.

Flies vertically Ist stage burns for 5 seconds and cuts out. 2nd stage rocket is under gravity alone.

modelled by the equations

Stage 1 height y = 10t2

time 0¡Ü t <5

stage 2 height y = -5t2 + 150t - 375

time t >5

Question asks you plot function on ti 83, using an appropriate window for time(s)
hence sketch a position time graph for each stage of flight ading labels etc..

also ask you to plot use the n deriv function to plot rate of change of function.

If I can find the basic means of plotting graph I should be able to answer the question but cannot find anything in manual that is similar to solving a question of this type.

I appreciate yout time and effort and thanks !!!!!!!!

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