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This is my college essay:

1) At the University of Maryland, we value a diverse community. How have your life experiences and background shaped you into an individual who will enrich the University of Maryland community?

As I stood on the balcony of my grandparents’ house in India, I watched the students with interest as they struggled to carry their text books home. Their uniforms were simple, their shoes neatly tied, and their faces lit with joy after another challenging day at school. It was at that moment that I was struck by the realization of the cultural, political, and religious diversity I have seen in my travels around the world. Reflecting on my visits to Africa, Europe, and Asia, I think about how I have incorporated tolerance and respect for others into my life. Tolerance and respect for others are essential attributes for me to have a healthy and successful experience during my college career as a University of Maryland student.

Being an Indian American growing up in Maryland, I am fortunate to be able to balance my life between the educational and social life of Western society and the cultural traditions and home life of Indian society. The blend of these cultures has opened my life to many hobbies and talents that would make me an asset to the diversity of the University of Maryland community.

When I entered my freshman year at Hereford High, not many boys were willing to join my school’s prestigious chamber choir. Stereotypes aside, I auditioned and won a spot in the choir. As time progressed, I came to know my fellow choir members as family rather than peers. Surprisingly, our dependence on each other was more vital than I would have ever expected. Each person in the choir came from a different background and social class, but were all bound together by the music we practiced. To achieve our goals of perfection, we had to practice constantly both in and out of class. Ultimately, our year-long commitment paid off when we were awarded the highest rating possible at the state competition. From this accomplishment I have learned that no matter which path I choose to pursue, I will be able to associate with any collection of people in order to reach my goals.

If I had been asked in middle school which career path I wanted to follow, I would have said “I have no clue”. However, through my academic and social activities in high school, I have become aware of my tendencies to adopt leadership and communication roles within different clubs. For example, I was voted Vice President of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and awarded the illustrious Maryland Mock Trial Champion Award. I expect that these academically oriented societies will prepare me for the public role I intend to play in college and beyond.

I believe the University of Maryland offers a wonderful opportunity for me to experience a mix of quality education and a richly diverse environment. While at the University of Maryland, I expect to be actively involved in campus activities, and hopeful to get the opportunity to join the respected Mock Trial, Future Business Leaders of America, and ______ clubs while attending the champion Terrapin sports games. These activities will enrich my life, giving me a well rounded view of life and the world, and also help me reach my goals of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

- What do you think of it?
- Check grammar, punctuation, and spelling please.
- It's currently 534 words, it need to be 500. Please tell me which parts/words i can take out in order for it to be less then 500. Thanks!

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  1. I still think you need to focus on what your ACADEMIC goals are and how this university is THE ONE for you for that reason. I'd delete the last two paragraphs, and then write a paragraph focusing on the ACADEMICS. It's a university, not a social center!!


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  2. Did you read what bobpursley wrote to you earlier today?

    Good ideas in here.


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